State aid tickles entrepreneurs' lost revenue

The government has tried in every way to reach out to economic activities. But on balance, state aid tickles entrepreneurs' missed receipts. Economic activities directly received 29 billion, a river of money completely insufficient to alleviate the difficulties.

In fact, entrepreneurial activities recorded a loss in turnover of 423 billion euros last year. So the 29 billion are peanuts compared to the drop in turnover, because the incidence is just under 7%.

The economic crisis

Economic operators no longer have the strength to move forward and in the meantime they hope for new refreshments to contain anger and malaise. The economic situation is severely damaged because the coronavirus pandemic has now been present in Italy for about a year.

The in-depth analysis

The CGIA Research Department carries out an in-depth analysis on the state of health of Italian companies. The companies that have suffered the greatest repercussions are those that have had to close by decree. In fact, the State and the Regions have signed various ordinances to safeguard everyone's health through the suspension of activities. Even the economic ones. With obvious losses for workers and traders in general.

In the face of this, these companies have received a series of refreshments but the average level of coverage with respect to the loss of turnover is around 14.5%. For this reason, attention must be directed more towards these economic activities, the same ones that have felt the crisis most. In fact, out of the total of 423 billion euros, 200 billion would be attributable to activities closed by decree.

The suggested solution

There Cgia urges the government to act quickly despite the winds of political crisis underway. Refreshments are no longer needed, instead there is a need to focus on refunds. This last solution serves to compensate for the missed collections and to give a first tool to support current expenses that weigh like a boulder on the heads of entrepreneurs.

Unfortunately, there is no need to be happy because 292 thousand businesses are in a situation of profound crisis. The sectors most affected are textiles, clothing, furniture, construction, catering, tourism, events and games.

The 29 billion is a drop so state aid tickles the entrepreneurs' lost revenue.

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