An Alternative To 360° Feedback (That Takes One Hour)

If your feedback cycles are too slow, try this.

The 360-degree feedback process can help employees and managers get a better sense of how they are perceived by others across their organisation. However, putting it into practice is time-consuming and mentally exhausting. Typically, it’s scheduled every 6–12 months — or avoided by startups completely.

The main issue isn’t with organising the process. It’s in the effort needed to write down nuanced feedback. Choosing the right words, and finding the appropriate tone is anxiety-inducing. In an ideal world, the conversations happen first and the written memo happens later.

And that’s why I love ‘speedback’ meetings (‘speed’ + ‘feedback’). They take the multi-week 360-degree process and turn it into a one-hour meeting. You get more feedback, faster and more frequently.

Part 1: Remind the team how to give feedback

Let’s say you have six people on your team.

At the beginning of the meeting, the leader takes five minutes to remind everyone how to give effective feedback (both positive and constructive) using the SBI (situation, behaviour, impact) model:

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