How to Create a Sense of Urgency in Your Product Team

This one action drives accountability and feedback like nothing else.

The most common reason for product teams underperforming is because they haven’t implemented Agile properly.

Either the product leader hasn’t been trained in Scrum, or they’ve stripped back the Scrum framework to a point where it’s no longer agile. In other words, they are working in the old ‘waterfall’ way, with internal updates every two weeks and a daily standup.

However, the second most common reason for failing product teams is that they don’t work on important features.

Often, these teams use Scrum, but they fail to deliver meaningful improvements that customers care about. Instead, they focus on small optimisations that fit into a single sprint.

‘We can work on creating value later — but first, let’s redesign the settings page because it’s driving me nuts.’ Hypothetical Failing Product Leader.

If this is your team, how can you instil a sense of urgency to deliver something important?

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